Friday, August 28, 2009

The Grabbing Hands

Every few days I get a little extra disgusted by the way that the current "debate" in American politics over healthcare has been turning out. The Democrats have super majorities in the House and Senate, and have an incredibly popular and publicly persuasive president (unintentional alliteration of the year award?). And yet they're still unable to even stand some sort of ground on getting every American health care, or even at least a cheaper public option. The lobbying thats going on over this healthcare bill is mind blowing. Literally hundreds of healthcare industry lobbyists are in Washington EVERYDAY trying to insure that we don't make the leap that every other western democracy in the world has to making the healthcare of our citizens a moral and civil obligation of the government.
Where would our country be today if in the time of so many historical pieces of legislation in our past there was the type of influence of money and power from groups whose interests so strongly oppose the public interest? I'm certain black and women's rights would have come along much slower. I doubt very much that we would have social security or medicare.

Socialized medicine will kill us all, your money belongs in your pocket, not helping to keep some old hag away from Sarah Palin's Death Panel
But by all means use my money to fund the NFL and Major League Baseball (and use our money/waste Congress' time investigating weather they used performance enhancing drugs)
You don't want a bureaucrat between you and your doctor, someone from your insurance company or HMO is good enough.
Oh enough with my multiple sargasms....take it away Gipper...

"between you and me....I hate politics" -Dan Bern

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