Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Press Conference Imminent!...psyc

I've spent the last few days organizing a press conference for tomorrow. It looks like it's gonna be a smashing success!
I nabbed me a US congressman!
Representative Anthony Weiner of the Energy and Commerce Committee to be exact!
He's a badass, check it out:

We're releasing a report called Feeling the Heat: Global Warming and Rising Temperatures in the United States.
And we're also highlighting Weiner as

...as I was typing this blog entry aboot how excited I was aboot the press conference I had organized I got a call from Weiner's Deputy Communications Director informing me that the Congressman will likely have to stay in DC and will have to cancel his appearance at our press conference...



drsam said...


Jessica said...

did this man's name happen to be pedro or are you just assuming that? asshole.

Jonelle said...

Ha! Job Calls! It makes my heart smile a little I swear.