Friday, October 24, 2008

Letter from 2012 in Obama’s America

This is a 16 page letter form one of America's largest political action committees: Focus on the Family. And by focus on the family they mean focus on the gays. Focus on the Family and their founder DOCTOR James Dobson have some serious sexuality issues! Of course the millions of Christians who support Focus on the Family probably don't really want to impose Dobson's holy terror. They just don't want their children being taken on field trips to crack infested gay commie orgy brothels. Two examples of what their lobbyists have accomplished in 2008:
-Blocking the Matthew Shepard Act, the 1st federal Hate Crimes legislation that covers homosexuality, gender identity, or gender (groups that make up almost a quarter of all hate crime victims)
-Block ENDA - the 1st federal law that prohibits employment discrimination based on a person's sexual orientation. As it stands only 19 states have their own laws preventing this, thus without a federal law it is LEGAL in 31 states to FIRE someone for being gay.

This letter leans heavily on their homosexual obsessions.
It's one of those dance the fine line between laugh out loud funny, and these people actually are incredibly influential scary.

Here are some highlights:

On schools:
Elementary schools now include compulsory training in varieties of gender identity in Grade 1, including the goodness of homosexuality as one possible personal choice. Many parents tried to “opt out” their children from such sessions, but the courts have ruled that they cannot do this, noting that education experts in the government have decided that such training is essential to children's psychological health.

On Pornography:
It’s almost impossible now to keep any children from seeing pornography. The Supreme Court in 2011 nullified all Federal Communications Commission restrictions on obscene speech or visual content in radio and TV broadcasts, and television programs at all hours of the day now contain explicit portrayals of sexual acts.
Pornographic magazines are now openly displayed in gas stations, grocery stores, and newsstands (as they have been in some European countries for several years). In addition, law enforcement officials can no longer stop the distribution of child pornography, after the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that the such distribution violated freedom of speech and interstate commerce laws.

On Guns:
It is now illegal for private citizens to own guns for self defense in eight states, and the number is growing with increasing Democratic control of state legislatures and governorships. Citizens in those areas who are discovered owning guns have been subjected to heavy fines and imprisonment. Inner-city violent crime has increased dramatically.

On Terrorism:
President Obama directed U.S. intelligence services to cease all wiretapping of alleged terrorist phone calls unless they first obtained a specific court warrant for each case. Terrorists captured overseas, instead of being tried in military tribunals, are now given full trials in the U.S. court system, and they have to be allowed access to a number of government secrets to prepare their defense.
Since 2009 terrorist bombs have exploded in two large and two small U.S. cities, killing hundreds, and the entire country is now fearful, for no place seems safe. President Obama in each case has vowed “to pursue and arrest and prosecute those responsible,” but no arrests have yet been made. However, he has also challenged the nation to increase foreign aid to the poorer nations that were the breeding grounds for terrorism, so that people could have an opportunity to escape from the cycles of poverty and violence in which generations had been trapped.

On Universal Healthcare:
The great benefit is that medical care is now free for everyone -- if you can get it. Now that health care is free it seems that everybody wants more of it.
The waiting list for prostate cancer surgery is 3 years. The waiting list for ovarian cancer is 2 years. Just as the Canadian experience had shown prior to 2008 with its nationalized health care, so now in the US only a small number of MRIs are performed — only 10% of what they were in the U.S. in 2008 – because they are just too expensive, and they turn out to discover more problems that need treatment, so they are almost never authorized.

Because medical resources now must be rationed carefully by the government, people over 80 have essentially no access to hospitals or surgical procedures. Their “duty” is increasingly thought to be to go home to die, so that they don’t drain scarce resources from the medical system. Euthanasia is becoming more and more common.

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