Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Today I awoke a fugitive.
I awoke around noon, though I was supposed to appear in court to contest a speeding ticket at 9.
I woke up late despite setting a total of 6 alarms on my phone (which was underneath me when I woke (great album!)), having Steve repeatedly call me and setting my faulty alarm clock (which has since been summarily smashed to bits).
I had to post $100 bond today to get off the lam and schedule another day to appear.
I was then told I'm probably not going to get to go to the Aspen shared vacation this year, which is a monumental bummer, being that last year was one of the best times of my life.
The whole day really put a damper on what was a good few days of renewal and personal growth.
Lucky for me all the bad juju wasn't powerful enough to completely wipe out the good juju I've been building up; and I'm happy to say that after a salad and some tea I'm back on top of the world!

oh, and also this...

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