Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Does the Koran you are reading on the subway at 1am have to be THAT BIG?
Does it have to be THAT CLOSE TO YOUR FACE?
Could you be more blasphemous in your PRETENTION?

I have no problem with people making displays and statements.
Or people taking a stand for what they believe in.
Or for people rubbing a somethinorother in someone's breezey for the sake of getting it out there.
In fact I quite enjoy doing so myself.
When it comes to putting stuff out there in people's otherwise alienated world, not only am I a HUGE supporter, I'm also a Pro.
Both Literally and Figuratively!
But sometimes people swing and miss so hard...
Like this bloke here, I'm not saying to hide your fairy tales to yourself, but I'm sure there is a SLIGHTLY less conspicuous way to do that "something" that you are doing on an NYC subway at 1am.
There's drunk people afoot!
Or the young hip fellas who get together and play irreverent street theater games in union square or on Bedford St.
I love improv and street theater.
I love getting it out into the public and getting them involved and waking people up with it.
But the way the folks I'm thinking of do it is very exclusive and "...you don't know what's going on?..."
It's not meant to maximize their enjoyment of the activity.
It's just meant to be watched.
They don't realize it, but there's nothing to be done but watch.
They are putting on a show for their own egos and they don't realize it. Idegoidegoidego


I feel like I've rambled far too much hatred off one poor brother with a Koran...

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